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15th February 2003, 07:52
Sorry but all i can see is Judo Newaza!

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15th February 2003, 13:54
Hi all.
Is this the same Kokushi Ryu as the art shown in these books?

Kokushi Ryu Jujutsu book (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0865681643/ref=sr_aps_books_1_1/026-7299508-8128426)

....I looked through it the last time I visited Waterstones but was not impressed with it...I think it was a modern art, certainly no Koryu and seemed to use throws found mostly in Judo..With some Atemi.
That may account for the above phrases...It seems that 'generally' all those arts are taken as coming from Jujutsu by the book-buying public:rolleyes: ...It may confuse the issue to bring up the actual facts...Thats a few books in itself!
Don't know about the art at all, but there are better books on the subject out there...IMHO

John Scott
15th February 2003, 19:16
"Professor" Higashi operates a dojo in New York (Hombu), and is a well respected judoka in this neck of the woods. I am currently studying jujutsu with a former student of his, and apparently Higashi is well versed in all three arts (Karate, Tomiki Aikido, & his own gendai version of jujutsu). He has lost some senior students over the years, ostensibly due to his emphasis on competition and tournaments (judo). I did meet him once many years ago, and although I had a good impression of his students, I certainly can't say the same about him.......:redhot: