View Full Version : An important message about trolling and other crap.

John Lindsey
18th February 2003, 03:24
I have been spending way too much time dealing with a lot of meaningless crap here lately. I actually dreaded logging on tonight to swim through all the flotsam and jetsam being kicked up this week.

First of all, Bruce is not going to be banned. Messages were trashed, and more are going to be trashed tonight. While Bruce might have been on a fishing trip lately, there are other sharks in the water that I feel share a part of the blame for all this crap going on.

What I am about to say is not just for Bruce, but for all members here. If you post nonsensical, off topic messages, expect them to be deleted. Keep it up and your account will be deleted. If I can’t understand what the hell you are trying to say, AND if I suspect your are trolling, then you are out of here.

If you suspect someone is trolling, use the “report post to moderator” link in the right hand corner of every message.

If you post a reply, think about what you are trying to say. Don’t waste my time or the other member’s time reading it if it is not relevant to the discussion. While I encourage debate and disagreement, I discourage arguments and personal attacks. If I see any, messages and accounts will be deleted!

Nuff Said…

John Lindsey
18th February 2003, 04:58
When someone pisses on a fire to try and put it out, it turns it into a stinking smoking mess.

I am through with talking about what was.

I am interested in action, not reaction.

Bushi Jon
28th February 2003, 12:28
Whats trolling?

John Schaefer
Living well is the greatest pay back to all people who have tried to harm me