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19th February 2003, 12:50
As a child, I wondered what my Kung Fu name would be... now I know.

I found it here! (http://daredevil_30.tripod.com/kungfunames.html)

Mine is 'Stone Snake' Dyer.

20th February 2003, 03:06
Mine is 'Unstoppable Arm' Lane! Cool!

John McCollum
20th February 2003, 09:25
"invincible swallow punch" McCollum!

20th February 2003, 17:30
'Undefeated Scorpion of the North' Boyes

Does anyone know how I can change my name so that it's 'West' not 'North' ?

'Undefeated' is pretty cool, and 'scorpion' is o.k. I suppose.

20th February 2003, 17:51
"Sparrow Arm" Gillespie, I thought for sure it was going to be "Three legged" Gillespie

Jon "Slightly disappointed" Gillespie

william northcote
25th February 2003, 20:32
Originally posted by j-lane
Mine is 'Unstoppable Arm' Lane! Cool!

Hey its a dud, I got tiger arm as well.:(

william northcote
25th February 2003, 20:34
mind you I did put in my full name and got this:

'Silver Slug Spear' northcote

Shitoryu Dude
25th February 2003, 20:45
"Shadowless Tiger"....................I'm sticking with Darth Moul


william northcote
25th February 2003, 20:48
Hey I got this one from my old name before I changed it by deed poll:

'Retarded Scorpion Hand of the North'

26th February 2003, 12:40
When I use my Middle name, I am...

'Phoenix Arm' Dyer!


Sorry about the retarded scorpion thing...I'm sure someone had too much blood going to their head at the time.

Dave Pawson
26th February 2003, 13:02
Ok any of you guys beat this one

David 'Stone Slug of the East' Pawson
Any of my students be careful what you call me in training from now on:D

william northcote
26th February 2003, 13:46
Dave, you cannot beat mine lol

'Retarded Scorpion Hand of the North':D

26th February 2003, 15:47

I'm crying because it's true...

'Drunken Arm of the East' Boxall

william northcote
26th February 2003, 16:09
Awww Matt,

You can use my name for the price of 10,000, or a local brew :D

26th February 2003, 16:12
Hmm, 10,000 or a drink....

10,000.....or a drink....

How close are you to London for a drink? :D

Where is Wakefield anyway?

Well actually the name is not completely true, i am in the west, so...


26th February 2003, 16:17
Matt don't be a typical Londoner - Wakefield is north of Watford !

You're 'east' compared to me! I'm still trying to find out how to change my name so that it's 'West' not North.

26th February 2003, 16:21
AH ha!

Watford is well close! I am in Ruislip ^_____^

I am terrible with places out side of Zone 6, typical Londoner! To tell you the truth i don't really want to go up north...:D


william northcote
26th February 2003, 16:26
You should try the north Matt, it's full of northeners.

Mind you Londoners are full of London people. :rolleyes:

Okay 50 and a distressed donkey? How does that sound?

26th February 2003, 16:30
Umm, distressed donkey? Where the hell am i going to get one of those?

how about

2 and Johnny Vagas's shaving scum?

It's quite weird, i think i am the only one who works in W1 in London in E-Budo. Then again my job is complete doss :D


william northcote
26th February 2003, 16:33
An easy way to get a distressed donkey is to find the one Ashida Kim wishes to ride on, then let it listen to BruceB for about two weeks.

But I may conceed to a Safeways bag and some hairy string :D

26th February 2003, 16:38
You win!

I will send you a safeway bag and some hairy string for your name. PM your address.

I think that would be more of a suisidal donkey than a distressed one

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


william northcote
26th February 2003, 16:43
Regarding the donkey, having AShida Kim mount one would probably appear in his next exploits of brothel house security:laugh:

The PM will appear in the guise of a well known Caberet act from the 1940's war time era. You will then decode the PM and the address will be in full view behind the man with the Nepolian hat.

26th February 2003, 17:21
Ashida Kim's name?

'Drunken Sparrow Spork of the West' Kim

26th February 2003, 17:23
Frank Dux's name is...

'Phlegmatic Bear Kick' Dux

26th February 2003, 17:25
And John Keehan (aka Count Dante)?

'Invincible Tofu Arm of Fury' Keehan

7th March 2003, 12:43
"Stone Monkey Spork" Smith...................... why?? WHY?????

11th March 2003, 01:17
Nothing tops -

Spastic Monkey Dalton

17th March 2003, 16:40
Woo! LOL if I use my asian name I'm:

'Mantis Arm Goddess of the North' - Not bad :D

As for my legal name:

'Undefeated Bear of the North' - works too, though I'm not as big as a bear. I think the Mantis description fits me more ^-^

Thanks for sharing!

17th March 2003, 18:55
if i use my first and middle name, i get 'shadow snake'

pity i don't do kung fu :D

18th March 2003, 22:23
I went with "Invisible Sword Mantis Goddess"

Son of Thunder
19th March 2003, 17:54
Originally posted by sinta
As for my legal name:

'Undefeated Bear of the North'

DANG! I wanted that one! :D

19th March 2003, 21:22
I got mine.

20th March 2003, 14:03
The owner of the site has suspended all fun stuff until the war is over. The site is now only comprised of anti-war stuff.

Shadowless Tiger Hand Boyd