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21st February 2003, 19:31
When i first heard of ninjutsu i was very small and thought to train as a ninja was fake and could not be done so i trained in Japanese Karate. My instructor was a joke now that i look at becasue he had his favorites so i walked away in a silent manner. Then i saw Jack Hoban on a tv show and he was talking about ninjutsu and i became interested. Then i saw some sort of martail arts expo on tv on the discovery channel and i saw Hatsumi with a ninja represetattive and he recieved an award and i was hooked. I did research on the interent and found his system of ninjutsu. So i started to learn fome his books and other sources such as Richard Van Donk as his videos which are great. Anyways, I saw another form of ninjutsu from Tanemura. His system didnt look to much different then Hatsumi's. I remember Hoban said, if your not studying some form from Hatsumi you mightnot be studying the real thing. So i stayed with Hatsumi and continued training his form. Can anyone clear these two up for me im just curious.


Anthony Bush

21st February 2003, 20:14

If you are in Jersey, you should go and train with Jack. He's probably not that far from you, seeing how Jersey's not THAT big. ;-)

Here is Jack's homepage.




21st February 2003, 23:10
I train regularly with Jack Hoban, and I highly recommend visiting his class. Simply put, he's amazing.

What part of NJ are you from?

22nd February 2003, 00:07
I am located in somerset New jersey near Rutgers University of New Brunswick. I was going to start training under Hoban but im in college and college is hard enough. So i saved some money and bought Van Donk's videos. The videos are very good im sure a real trainer is better but this will do. Some things i have to do over and over in rewind to even attempt but they are great.

Anthony Bush

22nd February 2003, 00:49
Originally posted by Ninja12
I am located in somerset New jersey near Rutgers University of New Brunswick. I was going to start training under Hoban but im in college and college is hard enough. So i saved some money and bought Van Donk's videos. The videos are very good im sure a real trainer is better but this will do. Some things i have to do over and over in rewind to even attempt but they are great.

Go train with Jack. Even if it's only once every two weeks, it will be better than training via video. Video's cannot tell you whether you are doing things correctly. Only a teacher can do that. What you think it "correct" could be missing the point completely.

It's well worth the investment, even if it is just every couple of weeks. When you are not with Jack, you can be working on the specific skills that he thinks you should be learning.


22nd February 2003, 00:53

Videos bad.

Videos very bad.

Especially if they're your only source of instruction.

Definitely won't "do."

Lots of bad habits can be acquired through video training exclusively.

Videos are great as reference material, though.

Video training exclusively is like learning surgery by reading Gray's Anatomy.

Would sign away a firstborn to train with Jack, even on an infrequent basis. Take the opportunity, man.

22nd February 2003, 01:38
Well, lets see? Anykind of training is good. I would not think of myself as higher then 9th kyu but i would have much more knowledge then someone who is just starting. Knowledge is a great thing and form the right source it cant hurt. I read Hatsumi's books and obtain a lot of knowledge. If i stay true to what things are said and being shown i might have some mistakes but i would have a good mind of ninja training. It is not all about body but also about mind and spirit. Sorry to say you are giving be bad knowledge.


Anthony Bush

22nd February 2003, 02:16
Jack Hoban's dojo is about an hour from me and i would have no time college is first then ninjutsu. I can't say oh i need to skip class to go to the dojo. Then i would be doing the training incorrect. I like the way van donk has done this and Hatsumi likes it too.


Anthony Bush

22nd February 2003, 03:51
REFERENCES. References are meaningless without context. It's like--

Ah, the heck with it.

You seem to have made up your mind.

To each their own.

Good luck.

22nd February 2003, 05:49
Warning to Anthony.

You are wrong.

People are trying to warn you.
Ignore at your own risk.

Train with Jack.
Find time to go to Jack.
Make time to go to Jack.

Jack is one of the best teachers in North America, maybe the World.
To ignore this kind of opportunity is foolish.

As I say, ignore at your own risk.
This art take sacrifice. Video training is not sacrifice.

Most people will not care what you do. They will say do as you like.

I say go to Jack.
You are making a mistake.

m harper
22nd February 2003, 14:31
You can not make an informed decision until after you have had some real training from a qualified instructor. You may not like the training, so find out first.
Just my opinion.

Mark Harper
Bujinkan Houston Dojo

The Tengu
22nd February 2003, 14:32
Dude, if you can squeeze in ONE session with a REAL teacher ONCE a month, you'll be MUCH better off.

I trained with a video student last year, and the difference between video-trained and instructor-trained is huge.

The videos might even be WORSE than no training at all, since you have no way of knowing if you are doing even the most basic techniques correctly.

Videos AND live training (even one session once a month) are a much better combination than videos alone.

22nd February 2003, 15:40
I've seen all of Van Donk's video's, they're not that good. ;)
Jack has a seminar on saturday's, usually once a month. That's when a lot of people in your situation train with him. I'm in college as well, and Jack's place is 45 minutes from me. I still attempt to train with him twice a week.

Check out his seminar schedule at http://www.winjutsu.com/seminars.html

Looks like March 8th is the next one.

Hope to see you there,

22nd February 2003, 17:39
If you're by Rutgers the bujinkan middlesex shibu isn't too far off either http://shibu.oninohana.com/

23rd February 2003, 02:59
First, im not wrong. If the soke of ninjutsu has approved these videos, what makes u think they are not good. I will study all the videos and if i can learn as much as possible from them i shall. If i decide to join a dojo my skill and knowledge will surpass anyone who walks in the door from scratch. I know Hoban is great and all but i work and im in school. Things right now are not very eaay just to fit in certain things. I feel like all the people on this site can teach me something. Maybe i'm wromg becasue all im getting is negative respones. Someone has told me on this forum that Richard Van Donk is a shady person! Please will you all listen to yourselves. Anyone who is a higher authority you should listen to greatly. Personally, i feel that everyone is this forum thinks they know-it-all. For someone to tell that the videos are no good is horrible. I bought some of Hatsumi's videos that are in japanese and he said that obtaining true knowledge is a key. Hatsumi has approved of these videos you word is not needed for his or Van Donk's apporval. I feel that all the people in the forum who have tried to help me have not. It's pretty sad to say that the people im talking to are the future of Ninja training. I sence that all you people are training for the looks and just to say you are training in the ninja arts.

Ps. Take some time and realize why you are training and you will see what i'm talking about!

Thank You

Anthony Bush

The Tengu
23rd February 2003, 03:46
Oh well, we tried.

23rd February 2003, 04:38
Ignorance is bliss they say...

Syd Sked

23rd February 2003, 05:01
Yes it is! Just understand why you study Ninjutsu. The answers will fall infront of you.


Anthony Bush

23rd February 2003, 05:50

Frankly Anthony with your grammer and spelling mistakes I personally am having difficulty believing you actually are a college student. I could be wrong, perhaps you are just a bad typist...

Either way the advice you have been given IS very good and very fair. I have seen a lot worse commentary when the topic of pure video training has been discussed. For someone that is training purely from videos (and not for very long from what I have gathered) you seem to put your opinion well above some folks that have been training with real people a whole lot longer.

If you are so busy that you can't find the time to take even one seminar or class a month with someone as skilled as Jack than perhaps ninjutsu training is not for you at this time.

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