View Full Version : Photo: Poorly posed kenjutsu

John Lindsey
4th September 2000, 04:07

This one looks like the spent very little time to set up the photo. Note the armor not tied correctly; the saya by the wall; mai/kamae....etc.


4th September 2000, 09:58
The guy in the middle is actually saying "hajime." I told you there was sport in koryu.:karatekid

6th September 2000, 03:52
Note the grip of the sword, it's awful! Bad form... Hehehehe...and the tabi is too long... :laugh:

Arnold Vargas

George Kohler
10th March 2003, 19:32
link fixed

10th March 2003, 19:38
I think the left guy is wearing a pair of Nike but I might be mistaken. :)