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24th February 2003, 13:44
In an earlier thread, I discussed the pros and cons of taking over an existing school with the members of E-budo. Here, I want to give a progress report and information I couldn't relate in that thread.

Here is information about the school:

The school is in an area where the closest school is 3 miles away.
The school currently teaches a koerean art from a Black Belt promoted by Kang Rhee here in Memphis.
The student base is 30 active students and 6 Black Belts that are all 1st Dan Black Belts that also happen to be too young to be instructors.
This school is a "Community" project. No one pays to come train.
The instructor (whom I have known for close to 12 years) decided that she was no longer going to be able to teach due to some injuries that she recieved 2 years ago. Because of my relationship with her and her students, she decided I was the one to take over.

Now here's what I'm doing:
School- One of my goals is to work with groups that normally do not have access to a dojo i.e. - low income families, battered women, homeless, etc. I plan to become a non-profit organization with fund-raisers and donations for equipment and for other charitable causes.
Style- Primarily, I will be teaching Kyokushin. Since my background is also Aikido, Judo, and Brazilian Ju-jitsu, I will also be incorporating them.
Non-profit? - I intend to seek government funding for after school activities for school-aged kids. We want to keep them out of trouble with drugs, gangs, and other bad influences. I don't want to make monet off people that cannot afford lessons. I want to be able to do what I like, which is teach martial arts.
Seminars - We will be having a seminar series aimed at helping people. Things like drug and gang education, famous martial artist seminars, Women's self-defense, child safety, career building, etc.
Tournaments - I want to use my tournament running skills to work in order to run a tournament to benefit the organizations needs. Everything from office supplies to new and used uniforms and equipment.

I'd be intrested in any questions that you may have as well as taking criticism about my cause. If you feel like adding your two-cents worth or if there are specific questinons? I will also field them.

24th February 2003, 14:52
I am at a loss here. What is there to criticize about your cause?

Non-profit! Community service!

Just a thought regarding uniforms .... How about contacting U.S gi manufacturers / distributors for manufactured seconds. You know a blemish here or there but still serviceable. The companies can use the donation as a tax deduction rather than a total loss. Same for equipment.

As a non-profit agency perhaps you could solicit donations from corporations for operating expenses (and a salary if desired) that would also be tax deductible.

Thank you for the post as I am in the process of something similar and this has sparked some new ideas.

Steve Beale

24th February 2003, 15:12
I had thought of those but missed it in my original post. Thanks for the props.

If anyone had some contacts at different manufacturers, please let me know. I have one at Century Martial Arts.

Mitch Saret
24th February 2003, 17:29
Both organizations have scholarship programs for just such a situation. I can only speak inteligently on NAPMA's though. It's called the Project Action Foundation and is a 501 (c) 3 entity. The deal is you register to be a sposor studio, for about $25. Then you hold fundraisers at least twice a year. Kick-a-thon's, Break-a-thon's, Spar-a-thons, whatever.

The students collect pledges and earn prizes for their pledges...provided by Project Action. The money gets turned over to the foundation and held in an escrow account for you. In that way, you do not have to deal with the government paperwork. The foundation will pay you $50 a month for students that are registered with them. You have to turn in copies of their report cards and an attendance card. You get the checks every 3 months, as long as there is money in your account. Your funds help out kida in your area for your school. I would not be getting money that you raised.

I believe that Project Action will also provide a uniform.

For more info go to their website www.projectaction.com

24th February 2003, 18:07
Thanks for that info! I am ready it now!

24th February 2003, 19:02
Sorry, I meant to say I am already reading it now...

That site has a lot to offer. I printed off a copy and am going to call them as well as see how it fits into my plans.

Thanks for the info!