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hector gomez
25th February 2003, 16:02
Jumping Guard(pulling guard) otherwise known as the infamous "butt flop"is contrary to poplular belief, a very detailed and technical move in gi grappling.

If anyone get's a hold of the four kosen tapes one quickly realizes how intricate jumping to guard can really be and how many different variations of the foot on the hip & swing down there really is.

Also out of all the BJJ tapes & books on the market today,I have only found this crucial and vital aspect of BJJ covered only in judo materials such as the kosen tapes along with kashiwazakis tomoenage masteclass series by ippon.

Does anyone have any other info avaliable on these particular moves?


hector gomez
5th March 2003, 17:35
I am hoping someone can answer this question,When in the history of kodokan Judo was the planned failed tomoenage variation into newaza banned from shiai?

Or were these techniques just highly developed thru the kosen schools only?

Hector Gomez

Ed Beneville
5th March 2003, 18:23

I have not got a clue on this one. But while we are on the subject, where can one get the Kosen Judo tapes. I have noticed a lot of discussion about them on other boards.

hector gomez
5th March 2003, 19:12
Hi Ed,

Go to WWW.budogu.com once there go to the profesional videos section.

The four volume kosen tapes shows various tomoenage into newaza applications.

Hector Gomez

7th March 2003, 19:06
Isn't falling into the guard another another way of leading your opponent into a falling Juji-gatame?

Ed Beneville
8th March 2003, 05:57

Dropping to your back while going for a juji-gatame can easily flow into putting the oponent in the guard, but going to the guard need not involve juji-gatame.



Ed Beneville
8th March 2003, 05:58
thanks Hector,

I noticed some very exspensive books on that sight.


Abdullah Orozco
30th March 2003, 22:44

You can still do that failed Tomoe nage into mat work in judo, but you have to make it look like a legitamate attempt to throw your opponent. At the last judo tournament I went to, most of the black belts skipped the bad tomoe nage and went for flying armbars instead. Most of the black belts tapped their opponents before their backs hit the mat.