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27th February 2003, 11:15
I just watched the videos of the 2001 Daikmoyosai in Japan (Gyokko Ryu).

My first thought was "What the hell are people wearing???". I saw purple gi's, bright green tabi and loads of bandanas. I know that fine feathers don't make fine birds, but purple gi? Reminded me of the American Ninja films where there were yellow, blue, and red uniforms!

Now banadanas look cool, especially if you're a gang member in LA or a biker. I have worn one myself when trying to stop my bald head getting sunburned on summer hols :-). But for Budo training in Japan???

Second thing I noticed was that the 5th dan test looked different. In this tape, Hatsumi-sensei stopped the sword around the person's head level which meant that they just needed to move their head out the way. In past videos I have seen, he really whacks down and the sword ended up close to if not hitting the floor. The candidate had to move the whole body and sometimes roll to avoid being hit.

Now I am nowhere near 5th dan and I would probably fail the test either way if I did it now. Kudos to those who passed. But did anyone else notice this difference?

27th February 2003, 20:02
He still conducts the test both ways in differing situations. How, why and when only he knows for sure.

28th February 2003, 03:49
Both Jeff and Rick are right, imho. The test is not what you may think, which is part of the test, imho, again. :D

I saw a test once where the sword barely moved. The guy is sitting there in seiza. Soke has the sword brandished above his head. Then the guy just bolts out of the way. There were some people in the room who were skeptical that it "wasn't a real test," until Soke open his eyes wide, saying in English, "Yes!"; Noguchi-sensei and Shiraishi-sensei both vigorously nodding their heads in approval.

Soke surveyed the room. Most of the foreign students were kinda cocking their heads in disbelief, not really agreeing, but also not really understanding. Soke acknowledges this fact by calling the man back to sit again.

Seconds later, the exact same thing happened. Soke, Noguchi and Shiraishi are all looking at each other, nodding vigorously in agreement. Several of the onlookers look just as incredulous as before. Soke tosses the fukuro shinai to the floor, and says, "Very good!" Then turns to lead the class in bow out.

So the question I put to you is: Who was being tested the second time around? :rolleyes:


28th February 2003, 13:49
Originally posted by bencole
Both Jeff and Rick are right, imho. The test is not what you may think, which is part of the test, imho, again. :D

I will accept that you're all right about this and I am wrong. (like I said I am nowhere near 5th dan). It did look curious that's all.

But I still think purple gi and green tabi looked silly


28th February 2003, 16:59
Originally posted by Shojin

I have seen tie-dyed tee-shirts head bands of various color, crazy tee-shirts etc.

Heh...and of course there is Mark O'Brien of the tie-dyed gi and painted toe nails.....;)