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John Cole
1st March 2003, 23:48

I'm looking for resources (online, books, and articles) on the traditional Japanese dojo.

I've found a few articles and books that have been helpful so far, but I'm sure there has to be more info out there.

If anyone is aware of any available information, would mind please passing it on?

Thank you,
John Cole

3rd March 2003, 18:55
Mr. Cole,

Perhaps you could focus your question a bit more. Try Google searches on the general topic and spend about a month reading all the pages out there in cyber-land to start.

I've found articles related to everything from shoe etiquette to proper wood construction. Big subect overall.

Good luck in your research!


4th March 2003, 20:38
There is also a difference between traditional
Japanese and Okinawan dojo. The latter being less