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6th March 2003, 06:09
Kuniba Sensei was a vary well respected Budoka,who created his own fighting system called "Goshin-Budo",which combined Shito Ryu Karate with Aikido,Judo and Jujutsu, into sets of two person kata.

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Are these two person sets similar to the ones developed for Goju Ryu kata by Seikichi Toguchi? If not, what do these consist of? Any good sources of information about this (websites, book, etc. )? I'm very curious.

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Guillermo Picó Muñoz

Gene Williams
7th March 2003, 23:35
I was never a direct student of Kuniba Sensei, but trained with him many times at seminars and camps. I teach and train in Motobu-ha Shito-ryu, his original ryu when he took over Seishin-kai. Kuniba died in the 90's. I learned many of the sets and techniques of Goshin Budo. Most of the jujutsu techniques look to be based on Hakko-ryu. I do not remember him ever claiming to be blending Aikido in with his sets. He never claimed to be teaching Judo either. What he taught was his own close in fighting techniques, which were based upon Shito-ryu and his very extensive study under many people, including Mabuni, Nagamine, Sakagami, and Taira (I think). Motobu-ha Shito-ryu actually has much jujutsu incorporated into its applications. Kuniba's bunkai stressed these things. Bill Price was Kuniba's senior American student, and he is in Tennessee teaching "Kuniba-ha Shito-ryu." The organization split up after his death and everybody decided they should be a Soke. I think Price is the man to go to for Kuniba's karate. Gene

18th March 2003, 14:33
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6th April 2003, 05:50
Soke Kuniba's main style of karate was Motobu Ha Shito Ryu. He also studied with several noted teachers of other styles. He learned Yoshinkan Aikido from Gozo Shioda. He also studied Judo for a number of years. I can not recall his Judo teachers name.
He began to apply hi knowledge of Aikido and Jujitsu to the Karate Kata.
He used the term Goshin Budo to mean "applied self defense", and "Goshin Budo" was not the name of a style per se. He looked at Goshin Budo as a way to introduce new ideas to karate students more than anything.
A number of his early American students were also members of the Hakko Ryu Martial Arts Federation. Soke Kuniba never studied Hakko Ryu or had any real involvement in the style. He did create kata using the HMAF instructors manual to help those students learn Shito Ryu and Goshin Budo.
He later formulated new Kata and came up with a more formal and organized structure and called the style Kuniba Ryu Goshindo.
The original Goahin Budo kata are still taught in the American Goshin Budo and Kobudo by Butch Velez. There may be some others.
You can also find a lot of this teaching in the NKJU and NMAA and other organizations with lineage through Richard Baillargeon.
The Kuniba Kai now exists to continue teaching the Goshindo. The best source for this style would be Lewis Estes and Darren Myers.

Jim Mc Coy