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9th March 2003, 13:58
Nice ninetienth century kendo image.

Mr. Josť Augusto M. Furtado

9th March 2003, 18:31
Nice, by the way, sign with your first and last name

9th March 2003, 23:06
Thanks for the advice.

Josť Furtado

10th March 2003, 05:13
No problem, its just one of John's big rules, he likes to know who everyone else is here (and he can check) and will suspend accounts (and has in the past if I recall) of peeps who don't do it.

I recommend putting your name in your signature that way you don't have to type it out everytime.

Don Cunningham
10th March 2003, 16:07
No score. Either he missed the men strike or the tsuke to the throat.

10th March 2003, 16:56
Is the photo backwards?

Don Cunningham
10th March 2003, 18:18
I don't think so. Each kendoka is leading with the right foot.

George Kohler
10th March 2003, 20:47

10th March 2003, 21:14
I think that, as it is a ninetienth century photo, and the rules of modern KENDO can not be applied, perhaps he's applying a KATATE TSUKI into the opponent's face.

Josť Furtado