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13th March 2003, 03:19
With some of the doctors I have met I can also say that doctor to patient communication leaves a lot to be desired. Some are downright sarcastic where one would be hoping to get a bit of moral support.

I tried one doctor twice and gave up when he told me that some joint problems and stiffness who do to reaching the ripe old age of being in my late fortys.

Funny thing was a Chiropractor solved my locked neck problem by getting me to change my big hard pillow for smaller softer one.

Also they are far too quick to prescribe medicine. There must be thousands of people on drugged up on downers that do actually have a health warning that they should not be taken for prolonged periods as they are habitual.

Hyakutake Colin

19th March 2003, 00:29
On the other hand, I was lucky enough to find a wonderful doctor at the Keio U Hospital in Shinanomachi. He was a teacher--students were always standing by--he took great time with my problem shoulder, did an MRI and then explained it carefully to me, taking all my questions in respectfully. Excellent.