View Full Version : Budo Fun #45

John Lindsey
13th March 2003, 22:15
As requested, I have located some new pics for this Series. Your job is to come up with the punch line....

13th March 2003, 22:39
SHHH...I'm pretending to be a DJ. SCRATCH

Son of Thunder
14th March 2003, 14:42
"I am a stereo. Please move along. I am not an assassin surveying my next target, I am just a simple stereo. Please move along."

14th March 2003, 15:34
Ashida Kim practicing kotodama.

Ian McDonald
14th March 2003, 20:41
Young Ashida Kim Jr. preparing for the BIG Karaoke Tai Kai in Japan 2003.

Evan London
14th March 2003, 20:50
And here we see a photo from the 1970 of a ninja preparing for a mission by listening to Barry Manilow....

15th March 2003, 09:10
"I have finally found peace for my soul" says the enlightened ninja with Village People's "Y.M.C.A" playing in the background.

22nd March 2003, 22:18
"Everyone Knows Ninjas can't resist Kung Fu Fighting ."

4th April 2003, 11:22
mmm... My disguise isn't quite working...


4th April 2003, 17:49
I will assasinate my incoming enemies with the help of Celine Dion! muahahahaha!