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14th March 2003, 08:23
Mr. Hillsborough,

Thank you for coming to the board. We met briefly in the SF Kinokuniya some years ago when Ryoma first came out. Good to see you are doing well.

My question is in regards to your portrayal of Izou. It differed quite markedly from other portrayals I have seen of him on Japanese TV. ‚hwas wondering what your source material was for developing him as a character, and if your research found him to be typical of the other "hitokiri" of the time.


R Hillsborough
14th March 2003, 18:20

I don’t think there is very much historical data about Izo. The little historical data I have managed to find came from comments about him from people like Katsu Kaishu. (One of these I quoted in RYOMA.) Also, there have been articles written about Izo by scholars, which I believe are based more on analysis and educated conjecture than on historic evidence.

Romulus Hillsborough