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14th March 2003, 08:25
Mr. Hillborough,

Again, as below.

I have read Ryoma, but have not had a chance to read your second book. My question is, does it touch on any members within the Shinsen-Gumi? If not, do you have any plans to work on a book focusing on the Shinsen-gumi?


R Hillsborough
14th March 2003, 18:25

I wrote about Shinsengumi in Samurai Sketches.

Romulus Hillsborough

17th March 2003, 16:32
I remember reading quite a bit about the Shinsengumi. It was nice to get a more accurate representation of the standard stories used in TV and the movies I've seen. It was nice to read more specifically about what happened to the leadership in the end. Until I read this, I'll I had to go on was that they all died, via watching "The Last Swordsman". Nonfiction is refreshing after so many jidai geki!.