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17th March 2003, 00:46
I believe someone made a post about the Bubbunkan a while back ago . Does anyone have any info on them , or any contact info ?


17th March 2003, 08:13

if your talking about the historical reseacrh group in japan then this is the link

http://www.bokuden.or.jp/~bunbkan/ (only japanese)

if not then I have my wires crossed

20th March 2003, 17:37
nope , thats not the one . I think the Dojo I'm talking about is in Shuri , Okinawa .


20th March 2003, 23:43

Do you mean the Bunbukan Dojo, only one I know of is Yoshio Nakamura. The only webpage I found was :http://www.bunbukan.co.uk

Hope it helps.

In the art

Jim R Sindt

Patrick McCarthy
8th April 2003, 09:52
Hi Jim,

Fancy bumping into you here.

It sounds as if you're talking about Nakamoto Masahiro, 9th dan Hanshi, and former student of Taira Shinken & Chibana Choshin. If so, his excellent Bunbukan dojo is located in Shuri's Tori Hori village (Okinawa).

There's a little something here on him http://www.jinjapan.org/nipponia/nipponia10/sp06.html

His contact details are Okinawa Traditional Kobudo Preservation Society, #55, 3 Chome, Tori Hori-cho, Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa

Hope this helps?

Patrick McCarthy
International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society

9th April 2003, 17:27
Dear McCarthy Sensei ,

Thank you for your reply . Can you tell me more about the Bunbunkan ? Specifically what lineagetheir from ? Myself , I am a Goju Stylist , but have trained w/ some of the Shorin & Isshin Ryu guys in Kobudo , as well as some of the Ryukyu Kobudo guys . I like the Ryukyu Kobudo Kata , but the way that the Shorin & Ishhin Ryu guys move is more appealing to me , as their Kata move more natural to me . I hope to go to Okinawa next year , & would like to find a Kobudo Dojo to train at , while I am there . I thank you for your time , and hope to hear from you soon .


21st April 2003, 14:54

Bunbukan is in the neighborhood of my wife's home. It is a Goju school that also teaches Kobudo. The are located near Shuri Jo Park just off of route 82.

Bunbukan that Mr. Dewi John in England is associated with is an off shoot from Patrick Rault Sensei from Nakamura Sensei's Embukan. All the above are excellent instructors who I have had the pleasure of meeting and training with.

I was the one that brought it up a few months back but I have no further knowledge of it. It is probably an excellent school however.

21st April 2003, 15:03
I see that McCarthy Sensei has already answered the question. Patrick for your information the first place I met my father in law was at the sushi place just down the road from the dojo, the place is called Sushi Hachi.

Mr. Somers if you are interested in training in Ryukyu Kobudo as taught by Shorin Ryu instructors in the Taira - Akamine tradition I would suggest you look at www.ryukyu-kobudo.com for information on our association.

The teaching is first rate and the people are very kind.

Email me at timjurgens@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Tim Jurgens

26th October 2004, 17:35
Thanks everyone for the information . I just got back from Okinawa last week , & had a great time . I met , and trained w/ Nakamoto Sensei while I was there for 2 weeks . Nakamoto Sensei is very nice , & has a heart of gold . I cant wait to go back to train w/ him again . The Okinawans are some of the nicest , peaceful people in the world .
Tim , I think you might have Nakamoto Masahiro Sensei confused w/ Kiichi Nakamoto . Masahiro Sensei trained , & teaches Kobayashi Ryu under Choshin Chibana . Kiichi Nakamoto Sensei teaches Goju Ryu . I've seen Kiichi Sensei demonstrate a Manji Sai Kata before , & was told its a familly kata . But , while at the Bunbukan , I seen them do Jigen No Sai w/ the Manji . Does anyone know if this is the same Kata Kiichi Sensei does ? Also , comming from a Goju background I am interested in finding out some info on Kiichi Sensei's Goju training .


Doug Daulton
27th October 2004, 02:03
Originally posted by dsomers
I believe someone made a post about the Bubbunkan a while back ago . Does anyone have any info on them , or any contact info ?Mr. Somers,

You can find links to a variety of organizations by clicking here (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2736) . If you do not find what you need, or have something to add, please let me know.

27th October 2004, 03:53
Thank you for the info , but not really looking for a Kobudo Dojo , since I am now a student of Nakamoto Masahiro Sensei . I am interested in finding out more about Kiichi Nakamoto's Goju background though , since I'm a Goju Stylist . If anyone knows anything about him , or his background , I'd appreciate it very much .

Thanks ,
David Somers

Pavel Dolgachov
9th August 2005, 12:17
As I know, Nakamoto Kiichi is Goju-ryu specialist, and is a member of Jundokan Kyokai, 9 dan.
I saw his perfomance at karate seminar in Portugal in 1994. He also demonstrated bo-kata and sai-kata.
He heads organization Okinawakan. And he is also a architect, probably... I don't remember, but I saw his bussiness card few years ago.

11th August 2005, 00:28
Dear David,

Kiichi Nakamoto trained with Katsuyoshi Kanae and Masanobu Shinjo in Goju Ryu. He also trained with Kanae sensei at the Jinbukan in Matayoshi Kobudo.

He recently resigned from the Jundokan on July 25th, 2005. I have checked around to see where he received his ranking and do not have a good answer.

It appears to me that the manji sai kata he performs is a version of the Sanbren Sai from Matayoshi kobudo.


Dan Smith

11th August 2005, 01:21
Mr. (Dan) Smith,

I've never heard of Sanbren Sai in Matayoshi Kobudo. Is this another name for the form commonly called Shinbaru No Sai?

It appears to me that the manji sai kata he performs is a version of the Sanbren Sai from Matayoshi kobudo.


Dan Smith

11th August 2005, 09:02
Did he start training at the Jinbukan after Bill left ? Cause he never seen him there.


11th August 2005, 16:00
Hi David; Nakamoto Kiichi attend the New Year party of the Jinbukan 1979.
I think his kids went to Kanei Sensei Dojo for a while cause i would see him waiting in the car to pick them up. Other than that I dont know where he trained .
thank you
bill steigner

Pavel Dolgachov
11th August 2005, 21:40
I have never heard about Nakamoto's Jinbukan training. I suppose, his picture was in Miyazato Eiichi book about Goju-ryu... It's 1970s. I have to chexk it. And in 1994 till last years he was a member of Jundokan.

His kata. I have seen his manji-no sai kata. But I think it's not a Matayoshi line kata. It's very different. Ans one more... I heard that he studied Ufuchiku-ryu kobudo. I can't proove it. Probably it's mistake.