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24th March 2003, 00:53
Currently for school, I am doing a project about teaching martial arts to kids. If you have a child or children who practices martial arts, can you please answer this survey. Answers can be posted here or sent directly to me via private messaging.

Your child's dojo, or equivalent (optional)
Your child's first name (optional)
What style of martial arts does your child study?
Has your child studied more than one style of martial arts?
Was it you child's idea to start practicing martial arts?
If so, do you think that choice was influenced by movies / TV?
If not, why did you enroll your child in martial arts?
How old was your child when they started practicing martial arts?
Given the chance, would you have started your child practicing martial arts at a younger age?
How long has your child been practicing martial arts?
Has your child ever wanted to quit practicing martial arts?
If so, why?
What changes have you seen in your child, caused by martial arts?
Do you, or any other family member, study martial arts?

24th March 2003, 21:06
Also, if you could include your child's gender, that would be great.

Jessica :)

3rd April 2003, 01:24
My daughter started training in Shotokan.. She started 3 months ago... She is 6 years old. She wanted to train in the arts because I have been training for about 8 years.. She loves wacthing me train and train with me..
I know she can not really learn much, but she can learn some basic stances and blocks, kick etc.....
I hope this helps you out with your assinment...:)

4th April 2003, 00:00
Thank you! :D