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Tal S
26th March 2003, 00:53
Mr. Cartmell:

Since few here seem interested in BJJ, I'd like to exploit you for your Chinese internal arts knowledge, if that's allright with you and the administrators?

I'm curious about Hsing I training methodology and it's effectiveness as a combat proven fighting style.

Thank you,

Tal Stanfield

Tim Cartmell
26th March 2003, 16:35
Hi Tal,
That's a pretty broad subject, I'll try to answer briefly, if you are interested in more information there are articles on my website (shenwu.com) about Xing Yi Quan and my training in China.

The training methodology of Xing Yi Quan is similar to that of Western boxing in many respects; during solo training, there is a great emphasis placed on conditioning, repetition of basic movements and their applications, the combination of movements into techniques, bag and pad work. One difference between Xing Yi Quan training and that of other martial arts is the emphasis placed on holding stationary postures for long periods of time. Stance keeping is a fundamental training method all the branches of Xing Yi Quan. Correct anatomical alignment is stressed in all exercises.

There are a great number of sparring drills, each one designed to work on a specific aspect of the fight (reaction drills, sensitivity drills, standing grappling drills, drills that focus on specific strikes, ...) After a relatively short period of training, students begin to practice free sparring.