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27th March 2003, 15:56
Do any of you folks use any of the commercially available Dojo Software (dojo-pro etc) If so, Ideas? Thoughts? Usefullness? Reccomendation?


Mitch Saret
27th March 2003, 19:47
I always looked at the ads and wondered about it. Seemed like an awful lot of money too. Stephen Oliver offers his MasterVision software free when you buy his Extraordinary Marketing program. I also never thought I would use a billing company, but that has been a blessing. I joined United Professionals and with them you get ASF for your billing company and ASF's software, DOJOPRO 3000. They are constantly striving to make it better. I am expecting my latest update from them next week. It was free with the service. After your initial fee joining UP, which was about $250 if I remember correctly, your fees are a percentage of your collections...and I don't even notice it missing, and they do all the work!

27th March 2003, 22:29
and I don't even notice it missing, and they do all the work!

Mitch, I think this line is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. :cool:
Thanks Bro.

Mitch Saret
28th March 2003, 17:12
Ken, I meant it in a good way, if there was any question. I get a detailed report with every deposit. The information is updated in my computer daily and I know how much I spend for my billing, and it is deductible as a billing expense. Let me send your e-mail to Greg Silva of UP and he gan give you whatever info you need, and better than I could.

28th March 2003, 17:34
My wife and I decided to do all our billing in house and we use MAS (www.championsway.com). So far we have been pretty happy with it...has a few bugs, but they work them out pretty fast. It has a POS system that is integrated with your student records so it is very easy to add a new student, create an agreement, and invoice the payments for them. It also has pretty detailed reports you can run to monitor your advertising and other vital statistics. Final cool thing is that if you really want to, you can use much like MS Money and monitor all your expenses/income in one place. They have a fairly robust demo you can try out to see if you like it.

31st March 2003, 19:54
Mitch, I should have shortened my quote to; "and they do all the work" I like that idea. I will update my profile so that the e-mail is correct. Thank you guys for your input.

Mitch Saret
1st April 2003, 05:04

Don't change your profilefor me...mine is there.

Just e-mail me with your info and I will forward it on to the appropriate person.