View Full Version : Reseach about Yamanouchi Yodo

Robert W. Montgomery
28th March 2003, 03:52
Mr. Hillborough,
I have enjoyed both of your books. I found the format of Samurai Sketches particularly interesting and helpfull.

Thank you for this opportunity to restart one of my old projects. Could you direct me to a few good sources about the life of Yamanouchi Yodo. I would like to trace his family members through to current times. I am looking for the name of his son who was the father of Yamanouchi Toyotake 17th grandmaster of the Musu Jikiden Eishen Ryu Iaijutsu. I belive Toyotake's son was Toymi, currently living in Hokaido and that Toyotake grandson is named after him and is living in Austraila. My current seach results may not be correct as they are based on a few scatered newspaper articals.

Any guidance you can give would be truly appreciated by me and other students of Yamanouchi Toyotake's stye of iaijutsu.

Robert W. Montgomery