View Full Version : please comment about these book

1st April 2003, 17:16
need your opinion about these book:

- from diane skoss: 1.koryu bujutsu
2. sword and spirit
3. keiko shokon

- for goju ryu: 1. karate do kyohan by gogen yamaguchi
2. fundamental of goju ryu by gosei yamaguchi
3. goju ryu II by gosei yamaguchi

please also tell me what good books for muso jikiden eishin ryu. I am looking the book about history also the technique of it.

Samurai am I
23rd April 2003, 05:29
Koryu Bujutsu by Diane skoss is ok. It talks about different styles of the "OLD" ways and her experience in Japan, along with a female instructor(sorry, can't remember her name). Secrets of the Samurai is a good book also

Bustillo, A.
23rd April 2003, 13:04
The book titled 'Koryu Bujutsu', excellent.