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Carl Elder
3rd April 2003, 20:38
I live in Valparaiso IN and would am interested in taking daito ryu aikijujutsu. I live about an hour and a half from chicago and would be willing to travel about that distance to train. If you could let me know of any good schools in that range I would appreciate it.

Eric Joyce
3rd April 2003, 22:01

My name is Eric and I live in Chesterton. I am afraid there isn't any Daito Ryu schools in our area (I know...it sucks) However, I train in Yoshinkai Aikido and the dojo is located in Whiting,IN. This style of aikido was founded by one of O'Sensei' pre-WWII students, Gozo Shioda. It is probably the closet thing you are going to get to Daito Ryu in our area. Please keep in mind, it is not pure Daito Ryu like Kondo sensei's school. However, we do very similar techniques. If you like you can email me at ericjoyce@hotmail.com so we can discuss further. If you would like, Nathan Scott would be a good source of information on Yoshinkai aikido. His teacher, Obata sensei, was a live in student of Shioda sensei. Also, a fellow aikidoka and e-budo member, Ron Tisdale would be another source. Just let me know.

27th February 2011, 21:18
Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm running an Unofficial Hakuho-Ryu Aikibudo study group in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are unofficial as I still have to meet Okabayashi Sensei and get final approval. I'm actively driving the 5 hrs to train with Dan Sharp Sensei and Rod Uhler Sensei every few months. Anyone is welcome to stop by, we are located at the main building of the Student Center at IUPUI.

Please visit thejumonkan.webs.com for contact info or send me a private message here.

Thanks so much

Richard Stevens
2nd March 2011, 18:47
Just sent you a PM, while I eat lunch at the Student Center ironically enough (I work on campus).