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7th September 2000, 19:31
What differences are there between Nihon Goshin Aikido and Yoshinkan Aikido?

Ron Tisdale
7th September 2000, 19:49
I'm not sure I can give an acurate picture of Nihon Goshin aikido, so I'll just stick to Yoshinkan.
You can see what others have written about Nihon Goshin in this thread in the aikido forum:
Note that toward the end of the thread some additional links are provided.

Yoshinkan aikido is a pre war style founded by Gozo Shioda, after training extensively with M. Ueshiba. The practise method includes a stress on basic movements, exacting precision in basic techniques, and precise (and numerous) breakfalls. Focus, balance and harmony have been said to be the cornerstones of this style of aikido. There is also a noted difference in that atemi are preserved in many of the basic techniques, and in that the basic syllibus is followed in a fairly uniform manner across a wide range of dojos.

When there is a focus on weapons technique, they seem to stand out from the usual "aiki-jo", "aiki-boken" type of training, in my opinion (and in the opinion of others much more in the know than I am).

Gozo Shioda was widely acknowledged to be one of Ueshiba's top students. More information about the style and dojo locations to be found at http://www.yoshinkai.org.

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Ron Tisdale

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Justin Campbell
8th September 2000, 03:35
Nihon Goshin Aikido, though called Aikido, is closer to a Ryu-ha of Daito-ryu (Morita-ha). There are no historical links to Aikido... only to Daito-ryu, Jujutsu, Karate and weapons (to name some). Hope this helps!