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6th April 2003, 01:55
Just to pass this along. I guess I now have a place to train here in Orlando FL. It's at the Shindai Aikido Dojo here in downtown Orlando. Practice offically begain today at 11am and ran until about 2:30 pm. Although I have use of the floor for pretty much all afternoon if need be. If any one is interested please contact me or Shindai Aikido Dojo. Directions can be found at www.shindai.com. My number is 321-663-4452, just leave a message and I will get back intouch with you. Any one that is visiting please feel free to swing by and practice as well. Thank you very much to all the guys there you have been absolutly the best, especially Hooker Sensei. Also thanks to Bob Elder of East Coast Martial Arts Supply (www.ecmas.com) for hooking me up out there (this is where he trains as well). :D

6th April 2003, 04:08
dear Eddie
That is great news for the kendo family in Florida and especially for me. We should work to improve our position in SOUTHEAST KENDO FEDERATION and the remainder of the league. If you had the aid of Bob Elder sensei was very good, he is a samurai and a splendid host. I consider him my friend .
let me know if you need something

7th April 2003, 01:04
Thank you for your kind words. I will pass them along to Elder Sensei as well. The only thing I need right now is a good showing of people at the Tournament in Gainsville the 26 of April. Thanks.