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Howard Quick
7th April 2003, 06:18
It's with much sadness that I announce the passing of Jan De Jong Soke .
I was informed this morning that De Jong Soke passed away on Saturday, aged 82years.
I feel extremely priveledged to have had the opportunity to train with De Jong Soke and have and always will consider him to be the greatest Jujutsuka to walk the planet.
Jan De Jong Soke was a true 'Master' of Jujutsu and a truly great man.

My condolensces to his family and students.

Howard Quick
7th April 2003, 07:20
For those interested, I have uploaded a few photo's (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/shinkendoaustralia/lst?.dir=/Jan+De+Jong&.view=t) to my Yahoo album.

Daniel Lee
7th April 2003, 08:22
I would also like to express how sorry I am to hear of the passing of a widely respected pioneer of the Australian martial arts community, and express my sincere condolences to De Jong-shihan's family and students.

Neil Hawkins
7th April 2003, 10:45
Howard beat me to it, I was just composing some personal mails and a message for e-budo when I saw this.

Jan was an instructor for nearly sixty years and will be sorely missed by his many scores of students, who studied Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Jujutsu, Soehadi Aliran Pencak Silat and Yoseikan Aikido.

A gathering of family, friends, present and past students will be held on Thursday to pay respect to, and celebrate the life of, this remarkable teacher.

Rest in peace Jan, thank you for twenty years of instruction, guidance and fond memories...


Olle Borg
10th April 2003, 15:48
I am very sorry to hear of this tragic loss. Jan de Jong was a very appreciated instructor by everyone who had the honor to meet him in person. At least speaking for everyone I know in Sweden. My sincere condolences to Maggie and the rest of his family. People in Stockholm will remember him for a very long time.