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7th April 2003, 15:14
At what level in your own formal Martial Arts training, or hand to hand combat training are you ready to teach others. Or maybe i should ask, at what level could you open your own class.

The reason I ask this is because I have someone who wants me to teach them and I'm not sure I'm qualified, because if I teach one person, then there is the possibility that others will want to learn and then the nest thing I know I'm teaching a class, and I repeat, I don't think I'm qualified.

What is your thoughts one the level of skill a teacher should have?

Mitch Saret
7th April 2003, 16:55
Just having martial arts skill does not equate to having teaching skill.

An old proverb says that when you are ready the students will seek you out. This seems to have happened in your case. I did not think I was ready either, but my instructor started me on the road. I was confident in my teaching abilities from my NCO training in the army, and my experience as a scout leader.

Just don't try to teach too much at once. I actually learn when I teach because I have forgotton the little inticacies of why somethings work. By teaching them I am forced to recall and think a bit more.

You'll be fine!

Gene Williams
7th April 2003, 19:43
Hi, I agree with Mitch. Two rules: Keep it simple, and don't teach what you don't know. If you are not sure, don't BS. Gene

17th April 2003, 14:16
In our school, people start teaching as assistants from around 5 year's training, and teaching their own class at about 10 years. That gives them 5 years or so to study the art of instruction.

As an instructor, I acknowledge my obligation for teaching assistant instructors how to teach, when to teach, what to teach, and why we teach it. I'm sure your instructor feels the same way. Therefore I suggest talking it over with your Sensei. He or she is still walking that path and can light the way.