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14th April 2003, 21:07
Question on the use of Gi.

I know that in reference to clothing the use of the term gi alone is not correct. Gi isn't a word it is a suffix that refers to what is worn while in the process of doing something i.e. DoGi, KeikoGi, JudoGi etc.....

In Goju Ryu we have an exercise called San Dan Gi which to the best of my knowlegde means or refers to '3 level training'. It is a prearranged kumite exercise that works Jodan, Chudan, and Gedan techniques in succession. My question, Is Gi used in this context also not a word. If not is it basically the same suffix that denotes clothing worn? Sorry if I don't know enough about linguistics to ask the question in an intelligent manner.

Thanks for your support.

Meik Skoss
14th April 2003, 23:38
There are many homophones in Japanese, "gi" being one. In the first example it means clothing, as in keiko gi (training uniform). In sandangi, gi means technique, i.e., three-step technique. Another way of saying that particular term is sambon kumite, if what you are talking about is pre-arranged sparring. In any event, look at the Chinese character; that will tell you which particular word is meant. If that's not available, one can usually determine through context which particular meaning is correct.

Hope this helps.

15th April 2003, 01:42
Thanks. That helps a lot. I didn't realize there were so many homophones in the Japanese language. My Dad told me about a miltary intelligence major in the ROK army he worked with in Korea who spoke 7 languages. He told Dad that English was the hardest for him to learn because to many word sound the same so I guess I assumed that Asian languages had very few homophones. Maybe Dad was mistaken and the major was reffering to written language. But thanks again for your help.

Ed Boyd

sepai 85
29th April 2003, 21:02
gi also means justice

30th April 2003, 14:35
I thought (probably wrong) Dogi was Road Clothing, as in clothing you use to complete a journey i.e. the way or path.

I just think it has got different meanings depending on the situation,


1st May 2003, 01:08
dogi does literally mean 'road clothing' but it's the path of martial arts (the do in budo) to which it refers. Dogi is clothing for travelling the martial way; practice uniform. Most modern dogi are modelled on traditional clothing (hakama, hapi, jinbei, etc.)

renfield kuroda