View Full Version : Was Aiki Budo the taijutsu taught to Japanese soldiers before WWII?

9th September 2000, 00:06
Was Aiki Budo the taijutsu or unarmed techniques taught to the Japanese soldiers before WWII?


Mike Hoff

Joseph Svinth
9th September 2000, 08:22
Morihei Ueshiba was teaching at a Japanese military academy (the Nakano school for spies) from the mid-1930s until 1942. He also had private students who were senior Japanese naval officers. So yes, aiki-budo was taught to some members of the Japanese military before World War II. However, it was not something taught to everybody who passed a draft exam.

Karate and Western boxing also were practiced by members of early Showa military forces, but the most popular martial arts and combative sports were judo, sumo, and kendo.