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20th April 2003, 00:14
I just wonder whether any goju ryu practioner know about these 2 books:
- Karate Goju-Ryu by "The Cat" 10th Dan Gogen Yamaguchi you can check in ebay.com since that's the place I found.

- Goju ryu karate do kyohan by Gogen Yamaguchi. You can find this item in either amazon and google.

I just wonder whether these books contain same topic or material in it. Yes, I might want to buy these 2 items some day. But I have to make sure that I don't have to buy 2 same book with different title. Once again thank you for reading this thread.

22nd April 2003, 02:03
Goju ryu karate do kyohan by Gogen Yamaguchi. You can get it here translated in English by Rising Sun productions.

The other- Karate Goju-Ryu by "The Cat" 10th Dan Gogen Yamaguchi, I have a signed copy of it by the man himself and it is an awesome book! It is full of rare photos, he talks about his life, just a real treasure.

Believe it or not, when i was in Miami in 1984 studying graphic arts in college, my graphics teacher was a Japanese woman (Ms. Sachiko Beck) who told me she was going to Japan. Naturally being a Gojuka I asked her to please bring me back a Goju karate book is she had the chance to go to a book store. I really did not have any expectations but it did not hurt to ask, right?

Turns out, her Mom is a good friend of who else but the "Cat" himself, (she lived right next to his dojo), so she brought me back a personaly signed book with his Hanko on it. I hit the MOTHER LODE!, and it has been one of my most prized possetions.

22nd April 2003, 02:06
I forgot to mention-
Do we really need to have religious statements on our signatures?

22nd April 2003, 04:14
Originally posted by nincho
I forgot to mention-
Do we really need to have religious statements on our signatures?

well sorry, It does not mean any harm anyway. It is just my expression of love toward my religion, that's all. I put some verse from qur'an before but too long, some people complained about the length.

I don't know how to quote another reply. But from e bay, I found the "cat" book very expensive. Is it really really really worth it? If so, I will save money for it. Comparing two books, which one you reckon I should buy first? The "cat" or karate do kyohan?

22nd April 2003, 04:29
hmm angel lemus.....I browse from the web you gave me and found Karate Goju-Ryu “The Cat”. Please see http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3604455566&category=16044 , are they same book?

Sorry repetitive question

25th April 2003, 23:27
Hello Umar,

I respect your religious convictions. Now about the book, your link to ebay puts it at $190 wether or not that is expensive is subjective. But I will say that if you have a martial arts book collection and you don't mind investing in it, it is a real gem. Personally I would not sell mine for that amount.

It is unfortunate that you cannot see it's pages to further determine if you want to pursue it. What I can do is take some digital photos of some of the pages and post them or email them to you so you can think it over?

You tell me if you want to pursue it and I will do this to help you. Email me.

29th April 2003, 23:08
kenzo, what is your connection?

30th April 2003, 13:56
wah, thanks for you information mr. jacobs. I have checked the conversion, it's about AUD$250.00. But I think I can't afford to pay it now. I hope your student still have the book until the end of july, so i can get money from my tax refund.