View Full Version : Japan's try for the tourist industry!

Jody Holeton
22nd April 2003, 22:52

Time to place your bets!

David T Anderson
6th May 2003, 15:06
Heh -- interesting. I know I'd like to visit Japan someday, but the prospect of travelling in a country where I don't know the language and can't even read the street and road signs is pretty daunting, since I don't care to be herded with the other visiting cattle by tour operators. As well, the cost factor is something to consider too. Add to this the rep that Japan has for being polite, but not especially friendly, to gaijin tourists. Hmmm...I'd say the Japanese have some hurdles to negotiate before it becomes a primo tourist destination...

OTOH, the prospect of visiting a really different country where there _aren't_ zillions of other foreign tourists is rather attractive... Maybe I'll just have to learn some Japanese...