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24th April 2003, 18:13
Hey All!!

I am going to Tokyo for about 2 years, and want to learn the Bo while I am there. Unfortunately, information regarding dojos are limited (at least in English!!) and my Nihongo isn't that up to scratch! ^_^ Does anyone here have any information regarding where in Tokyo I can learn this? Any other insight is greatly appreciated. =)

Thank You,

sepai 85
29th April 2003, 23:43
As far as I know there is one place but you must also be willing to train in aikido it is the aikikai I am not an aikidoka so I am un sure I read that some where

10th May 2003, 07:29
If you are near Shinagawa you are welcome to train with me. I am not an instructor but Akamine Sensei has granted me permission to hold dokokai training. Basically training amoung peers with instructors stopping by from Okinawa to help out when they can. If you are closer to Shibuya I would suggest that you look into Inoue Sensei's dojo. The problem with training in Tokyo is the land prices keep a lot of the smaller dojos from existing. You get a lot of the Kyokyshin Gyms and some Shotokan but the less popular systems find it hard to get space reserved in the community centers. As a result a lot of good budo goes without a place to be practiced. That combined with insane work hours keep people wishing more than training.

You can contact me at timjurgens@hotmail.com