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27th April 2003, 16:53
Hi every body and sorry for my bad english...I'm french.
So I'm a karate practitionner (shotokan) and I would know if someone has heard about the nine different hikite yet ?
I've got some ideas to this subject and I'm gonna talk about it to you the next week !
Thanks in advance.

27th April 2003, 17:56
Content pour vous rencontrer. Quel est votre nom?

27th April 2003, 19:09
Guillaume COQUILLE,
I'm very glad to chat in this forum !

27th April 2003, 21:08
:You are welcome here, Guillaume,

just read the forum rules at the bottom of each page, ok?

30th April 2003, 16:20
No problem Sir !
That's right to me.

30th April 2003, 17:19
As promised you, Iím gonna talk about hikite, and to begin, letís me present four of it !
I took the example of an unspecified striking right hand :

1. Hikite with the left hand to the left hip (with closed fist) : itís very classical in shotokan karate. But the disadvantage is the lack of protection, specially to the head. The force comes to the hip and the spine. Perhaps, it's also a an elbow strike against an attacker coming to behind you ?

2.Hikite with the left hand to the left ear : itís the same like in boxing. Good global protection.

3.Hikite with the left hand to the right ear : even if you prepare an uraken (back fist). The elbow is just below the chin.

4.Hikite with the left hand behind the head : perhaps it's a kind of uppercut, an ura tsuki against an attacker coming to behind you. Or a kind of guard for armed warrior. For example, your right hand takes a sword or something like that and your letf hand, takes a small knife, a shaken, a shuriken...I think this kind of hikite can be usued without weapon.

30th April 2003, 17:35

I'm glad you agree!

Now, re-read rule #1:

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and notice it applies to every post.

Have you noticed the topic called Karate Forum Etiquette at the top of the Karate Fourm menu? I ask because not everyone will know what you mean by "hikite".

By the way, I'm waiting for the others...:)

30th April 2003, 17:38
Oh, please excuse me, I'm not very good in english and in... computer!

30th April 2003, 17:45
Now, it's good. I found how put my name below my post.
I try to explain what is hikite en english, but it's not very easy to me. Hikite is what doing your right hand when you do a movment with your left hand; and reciprocally.

30th April 2003, 17:58
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