View Full Version : Man of the year!

29th April 2003, 11:43
A real gentleman :rolleyes:

Evan London
29th April 2003, 11:52
Ahhhhh....chivalry at it best! The woman should dump that load of sticks on that guy's head.


29th April 2003, 12:31
amen to that :beer:

Son of Thunder
29th April 2003, 17:41
He probably offered to help her, and she launched into a tirade about the sexist assumption that women are week and need a big strong man to help them.

Gene Williams
29th April 2003, 18:04
Actually, that's his furniture that she smashed up in a fit of premenstrual rage. She is carrying it to her parents' house to be used for kindling. :D Gene

John Lindsey
29th April 2003, 18:13
But its the man who is risking his life... by smoking. You see, men take all the risks :).

George Kohler
29th April 2003, 18:22
He probably would have started a fire... Just taking a smoke break.

30th April 2003, 06:39
what's this? where's the gratitude to the woman for doing the 'man's job?' :p

and is there proof that she was premenstrual? :up:

30th April 2003, 14:51
and is there proof that she was premenstrual?


hidden inside the pile of wood is 47 pounds of dark chocolate, and when he offered to carry the load she said, "Touch that and you draw back a bloody stump, babe. And stay in front so I can keep an eye on you. Get near my chocolate, humf!"

Evan London
30th April 2003, 15:16
Good one Margaret! :)

Ron Rompen
1st May 2003, 22:03
Why is she wearing shoes?

And she doesn't look pregnant to me.....he is OBVIOUSLY just a pussy-whipped premasculine wannabe

wendy ongaro
17th June 2003, 00:36
stud muffin (http://www.punchbaby.com/media/gitfakt/clips/funny/simple.mpg)

I think a one race election sucks. not very good democracy. here is my candidate for man of the year. :D

21st August 2003, 10:17
Here's another true gentleman. He is obviously helping

6th September 2003, 04:30
she just want it all for herself. :D

9th September 2003, 17:20
I think she's just out for her annual trip away from the kitchen sink....nice of him to take her out don't you think? And she gets to buy him a present to carry back! They dont know how lucky they are sometimes....

Tim Hamilton