View Full Version : Einstein, Bridgman, and Budo

John Lindsey
29th April 2003, 20:07
The April edition of The Scientist magazine has two interesting quotes from an article entitled: “So, you think you’re a scientist?”

I thought it would be fun to give the quotes a budo twist, and thus added some words in parenthesis…..

…apart from the knowledge which is offered by accumulated experience and from the rules of logical thinking, there exists in principle for the man of science (or budo) no authority whose decisions and statements could have in themselves a claim to ‘Truth.’

A person (or budoka) who devotes all his strength to objective matters will develop, from a social point of view, into an extreme individualist who, at least in principle, has faith in nothing but his own judgment.

Albert Einstein

It seems to me that there is a good deal of ballyhoo about scientific method (essence of martial arts). I venture to think that the people who talk most about it are the people who do least about it. Scientific method (martial arts) is what working scientists (martial artists) do, not what other people or even they themselves may say about it.

Percy Bridgman