View Full Version : From Dog Farm to Soup Bowl

John Lindsey
8th May 2003, 05:07
I came across this site on accident while trying to find some high protein soup recipes (I am a low carbo kind of guy).


It is run by the Korea Animal Protection Society. If you really love dogs, don't view the pictures.

What I did find interesting was the following myths about dogs and kats in Korea. Does Japan have anything similar?

In order for non-Koreans to fully appreciate the foundations of animal exploitation and abuse, it is necessary to be at least familiar with some of the common Korean myths about animals.


Pedigree dogs are suitable pets, but mixed breeds are used for food.

Small dogs are smarter than large dogs.

Transporting dogs in motor vehicles is bad luck.

Raising a dog for more than 7 years turns it into a wolf

Eating dog meat increases a man's sexual virility.

Cats are evil, spread disease and attack people.

Drinking goyangi soju, a tonic made from liquified cats, cures a variety of ailments including rheumatism and neuralgia.

20th May 2003, 22:55
Well, I dunno.....dog is kind of yummy. Puppy, anyway.
Every time I've had dog, I had seconds....

That said, my pet dogs, and all my livestock are treated considerably better than thos poor animals. As someone who eats his fair share of all sorts of meat-game especially-I don't see how anyone could think that ingesting such pathetic creatures could increase virility.

John, I'll PM you some recipes. No dog, though..:p