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Striking Hand
20th May 2003, 07:13
Fudebakudo or
The way of the exploding Pen.

Hey Guys & Gals.

Just got my Copy of the Fudebakudo and still can't wipe the smile of my face.

For the people that don't know it, it is a tongue in cheek look at Martial Arts in general.

If you haven't check out some samples via their website. (http://www.fudebakudo.com/en/index.html)

21st May 2003, 03:05
The Four Treasures of Fudebakudo were originally the same as the Four Treasures of the Chinese scholar -- the brush, the inkstick, the inkstone, and the paper. However the pen, which contained its own reservoir of ink, was gradually adopted, replacing the brush as the first treasure and handily freeing up the next two, namely the inkstick and inkstone. These were replaced with the sword and the credit card and beer.


11th August 2003, 19:20

I bought my copy of the book back in April, at SENI, in Birmingham. It still brings the smiles after many, many readings. And there is always something else to find in the pictures


18th August 2003, 10:54
Highly recommended, especially for those with sense-of-humour-failiure, like Pat... :D