View Full Version : Meditation Gong

21st May 2003, 03:33
Anyone know where I could find a large (8-12inch) bowl syle brass meditation gong? I know Bugei carries one, but I am looking for a much larger one with a lower tone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dale Heisler

22nd May 2003, 14:14

Shasta Abbey Buddhist Supplies (http://www.buddhistsupplies.com/gongs.html)

22nd May 2003, 23:37
Thanks for the link, but WOW, I had no idea they were so expensive....

Dale Heisler

23rd May 2003, 17:20
And their prices are actually not that bad . . . :)

falang gwai
21st November 2003, 22:59
I spent an entire day searching Bangkok Buddhist shops for a bell and found nothing. In a fit of desperation I walked into a MUSIC store and found a beautiful 10cm bell for 400 baht (C$12).
Maybe you could search Chinatown or the internet the same way and save the premium markup? Just a thought.