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13th September 2000, 16:37

Does anyone out there have any "postable" kanji for the concept/word "Listening?"

Someone was describing it to me as a combination of three pictograms: heart, ears, and ??? put together into one form.

Thanks in advance,

Adam DArcy
14th September 2000, 14:33
Hi Joe,

If the kanji you are referring to is the one used for "kiku",?i!?j to listen, I believe the parts that make up the kanji are "mon" and "mimi", "gates" and "ear" respectively.

It may have just dawned on me what kanji you were referring to. There is another kanji for "kiku" that uses, "ear", "ten", "eye" and "heart" or "mind" to form the kanji. I don't have a postable gif or jpg file, I'm sorry. If you can adjust your browser to read Japanese, I'll type it here - !?B

Hope this helps. There are some members here who have ready access to kanji in postable form. I'm sure they'll be by soon. Take care.


14th September 2000, 21:59
Greetins Adam,

Thank you very much. Your second reference is exactly what I was looking for. It was the concept of combining the heart, mind, eyes, and ears into the art of listening that was being taught. The use of Kanji to demonstrate how all of these things work together in this effort was an excellent (IMHO) tool.

What little study of Kanji I've had I've found fascinating!

Cheers and Thanks again,