View Full Version : Looking for a co-moderator ...

Doug Daulton
30th May 2003, 18:46
Fellow kobudoka,

As I am sure everyone has noticed (or maybe not :)), I've been more or less AWOL for the last year. Work and other non-Internet concerns have taken priority over budo and online discussion thereof. I apologize for leaving everyone hanging and really appreciate everyone pitching in to self-police these forums.

The next 3 months will bring some pretty substantial changes for me and, I hope they will help settle things down and allow me to refocus on training and e-Budo. That said, it is only fair that I at least take on a co-moderator for the Okinawan Martial Arts Forums. If anyone is interested, please reply to this thread or, if you prefer privacy, send me an email or PM. From there, I will get the ball rolling with the rest of the moderators.

Many thanks,