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Tim Mailloux
30th May 2003, 19:56
Can someone please explain what the terms Renshi, Kyoshi, & Hanshi mean? I am fairly sure that they make reference to someone rank in an art, but I am unfamiliar with these 3 terms.

Tim Mailloux

Meik Skoss
30th May 2003, 20:33
They're "shogo," titles used to denote teaching rank/authority in the arts of kendo, kyudo, iaido, jodo, jukendo, and tankendo. The shogo are awarded by the national federations in Japan for those arts and the terms mean, roughly: instructor, senior instructor, and master instructor. These titles are given to people who are rokudan (6 dan) and above and are supposedly only given after an individual passes the appropriate examination. In actual practice, however, they seem to be automatic for most people who attain kodansha level grades. Prior to WWII, the shogo were also seen in judo and karatedo, but seem to have fallen out of use in those arts. At any rate, they're no longer awarded by the AJJF or AJKF.

Hope this helps.