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31st May 2003, 20:07
What kind of maintenance do all of you perform on your wooden weapons? I've got some newer weapons that have been finished using tung oil. Any ideas how often I should reapply new coats?

I hardly ever took care of my old AWMA stuff... but I splurged recently and bought some really nice quality moradillo wooden weapons and want to make sure they get the proper TLC.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

5th June 2003, 02:42
not all woods react to oils well, IIRC.

Some woods, such as cocobolo shouldn't be oiled.

I've never heard of moradillo personally... i'd try to find some spec sheets online and see what people recommend to care for it.

5th June 2003, 04:29
Moradillo is another name for Brazilian Rosewood.

Hank Irwin
4th July 2003, 18:18
Since your buki is already treated with tung, keep it that way. Bra. r/wood is a very dense and heavy wood to begin with. Tung oil treatments will gradually make the weapon heavier too. Plus once you use tung is is almost impossible to remove it without causing damage to the natural oils of the wood. Make SURE if you use tung oil that it has already been diluted or you will end up with a sticky mess. Tung is basicly a water repellant. I myself would not recommend it for any weaponry, works good on exterior furnitures, decks, and such though. Just a few thoughts. :D

Rob Alvelais
4th July 2003, 19:01
My kobudo sensei told me, in response to my asking him what was the best oil I should use on my bo, "Palm Oil!", he replied.

When I asked him where I could get a hold of palm oil, he just rolled his eyes and walked away, shaking his head.

True story!

Hank Irwin
6th July 2003, 15:47
Robsan, you ever find that palm oil? Hahaha!

Gene Williams
6th July 2003, 16:47
Maybe he used it all up on his pork staff!:D

6th July 2003, 21:46
after reading this thread I feel suitably chastised, since I haven't really given much thought to oiliing or polishing my weapons, although my girlfriend does a good job with the pork staff, but that's another story....

Hank Irwin
12th July 2003, 18:07
Robsan, a good polishing grit(sand paper) for your Bo would be #600. Once a month, that is, if you train with your Bo a good bit. If you train everyday with your Bo(which is what your Sensei was trying to tell you)not so much. You should always wipe your buki when done with training with them. The water and salt from you sweating will affect the Bo only slightly. A Bo that goes untouched though, over the years will get rough, but can be easily fixed with sanding. A good polishing oil is Murphy's feed & wax. Be careful how much use, only a small amount. It is a preservative. Just follow directions on bottle. I use it for all my lathe turnings. Good stuff. Just make sure you use only a very small amount, otherwise, your buki will shoot out of your hands.:D
One application should last at least 6 months before you feel the need to refurbish.

16th July 2003, 04:05
I have always used lin seed oil seems to work well.