View Full Version : Bamboo wakizashi w/upgraded polish

1st June 2003, 15:23
Time to sell a few swords to pay for work on other blades and some 'sword travels'. Sigh.

This is a Bugei Bamboo wakizashi in better-than-new condition. I bought this from Keith Larman some time ago, mostly because I was interested in seeing a sample of his work. He had taken it in trade for something. He polished it a bit (not a full polish) to bring out the hada and the hamon, reshaped the kissaki to more traditional lines, (a real yokote, for example) and cleaned up the overall lines of the blade. Also insured the fittings were "tight". The result is a significant improvement on an already decent blade. Most of these blades do not see a polish upgrade, because the cost of the polish would be more than the cost of the blade! Especially work by someone of Keith's caliber! This is Bugei's page with the overall description - here (http://www.bugei.com/bamboo.html) . This is Swedish steel, that now shows a very nice mixed 'burl' and 'woodgrain' hada and some nice detail in the hamon. I recently acquired another example of Keith's work (did I say "wow?") and have a couple of other blades waiting for work, so this has to go.
I do not practice any two sword or wakizashi styles, and do not usually do wakizashi cutting, so this is in the same condition as I received it, which is better than new from Bugei.

Price is $650, firm, which is $200 less than new, and significantly less than the cost of the work Keith put into it, IMO. I pay shipping within reason. Feel free to email with questions.

Dave (who still has the Randall katana for sale, BTW).