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3rd June 2003, 08:53

I run www.hanako.co.uk

I have loads of pages in pdf format that have kanji on them. the reaosn I use pdf is because the program I use - Dreamweaver will not let me insert Kanji.

Pdf is taking up too much space

Does anyone know of a web design program that will let me insert kanji and display on the site.

Frontpage does this but my domain holder will not support frontpage and its hacker atractive

Thanks for any help

Striking Hand
3rd June 2003, 10:22
I think you got a few options:

1.) Get a Software like Dreamweaver that supports kanji. (i.e. Japanese or international version)
2.) Display them as pictures inserted into the text.
3.) Insert them as the hex values that represent each character and change your web-page coding to japanese charset.
4.) Switch your OS to recognise japanese Kanji & input, easy if you use either OS X, WIN 2000 or WIN XP.


3rd June 2003, 10:51
Hi Peter

thanks for the help. as I use Dreamweaver I think I will try and obtain the international version