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joe yang
11th June 2003, 01:53
News Clipping (http://www.taiwanheadlines.gov.tw/20030507/20030506f1.html)

11th June 2003, 06:28
Theories of the practice are grounded in Chang's observation on life science, the operation of bodily organs as well as blood vessels. The professor noted that everyone has the innate ability to adjust oneself to cold and heat. The ability, however, has been undermined through simple neglect. "That's why we keep visiting Canada's Yukon Territory year after year in chilling winter. We revel in extremes," said Chang.
Yea, those unearthed wandering pre-modern-man hunters wearing heavy cold-proof clothing just weren't in touch with their inner children enough to go without their sissy-baby furs boots and coats. Pssh!

She went on to say that, in terms of experiencing various forms of energy, the most memorable thing was how the energy field around the flowers was like a shield. "Moving my hand closer, I could sense some resistance. As I kept pushing, I gained a sense of 'breaking through a barrier.' This was the first time I recognized the magnetic field existing in nature."
O...........k. Somebody needs to lay off the Canadian 'shrooms just a tad bit there.

The club claimed that up to now, several cases, such as cancer and reddish lupus, deemed incurable by Western doctors and practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, have been healed through practicing the meditation. "Since meditation restores one's positive energies, it is helpful in fighting disease," Chang asserted, adding that diet, knowledge and organic energies are three important elements underpinning good health.
Let's stick them in a Chinese military clinic with all the dry-coughing sweaty people and see those positive energies get down to bid'ness!

His life study explains how to make people aware of their yuan shen, which exists in individual consciousness. Humans, said Chang, can become gods in the afterlife, but the possibility hinges on how well they develop their yuan shen.
Having made frequent weekend trips between this life and the afterlife to consult with his lawyer on the legal minimum requirements for becoming a deity, Mr. Chang compiled a substantial volume of irrefuteable evidence for the qualifications for godliness.

If this guy moved to Berkley or SF, he would make millions. The upper-middle class New Age fruitcakes would pay thousands of dollars to escort this dude into the Yukon in speedos and come back "cleansed" and "elevating to a higher ethereal plane." O........k. Interesting. Now back to my Enya tunes.

wendy ongaro
11th June 2003, 12:49
Where I come from, this is called polar bearing :D

except we wouldn't just walk around in the cold in shorts and talk metaphysical mumbo jumbo. We'd all go running into Puget Sound (35-40 degrees Farenheit) in February (30 degrees), dive into the water, and come up screaming our fool heads off BECAUSE IT'S BLOODY COLD!!!!! Nothing like a little hypothermia to warm the senses. This was a yearly ritual for my girlfriends and I in high school.

And we were weanies...

11th June 2003, 13:28
Hi All,

As Joe says, 'interesting...'. You all seem to greet this all with some scepticism, but how about this: If this group did wander around the Yukon in sub-zero temperatures wearing clothing I wouldn't even get away with in the relative warmth of a Scottish summer don't you think there might be something in Chang's observations? Just a thought...Of course the whole story might just be a huge hoax in which case your scepticism is well founded.

Hugh (just trying to keep my mind open...but not so open that my brain falls out:p )

p.s. Greg, what's wrong with Enya?:confused:

11th June 2003, 17:12
Well I believe it to be possible. Here in the Netherlands we have this guy who goes hicking in the Himalayas in his underware. He also hold the world record for swimming the longest distance under the ice (I thought it was 60m).

But claims he doesn`t use a special technique (or meditates). So I wouldn`t be surprised that people can do these kind of things. Espesially if they have some technique for it.

Just some other spectacular example I`ve seen on tv (I know I shouldn`t believe everything but this looked pretty real). Tibetan monks apperantly go and sit in the snow while wearing wet clothes. Then they will hold sort of a competition to see who can dry his clothes using purely body heat.

falang gwai
21st November 2003, 20:59
Scottish summer

C'mon! Ain't no such mystical entity -- least not more than one day a year -- ususally not more than a gap in the clouds at that. So, tell me whether that's not a troll then?

You're going to have to make your oxymorons more subtle than that to slip them past us no-minds.....
Patrick Borden FitzMacEachern

24th November 2003, 10:35
My father was once at this Swedish camp which included a dry sauna.
There was a party, and as is the Norse wont - they would sit it the sauna for about ten minutes, then promptly rush out and roll in the snow buck-naked. As they steadily got more inebriated, more Swedes could be seen doing this. Toward the end of the night a few of the drunks had actually died from exposure. My dad, of course, expressed shock at this fact, to which his Swedish friend (a mountain of a man) replied laconically.. "Ja..goot parrty. Everybody die."