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M.C. Busman
25th June 2003, 15:08
I found this scouting around ebay. This set is hardly all inclusive, but this set goes farther than most of the repetitive basic books out there. It was published as a library reference, and never enjoyed wide sales in the mainstream. I think the set originally went for over $100 (?)


I am not connected to this auction in any way.

Have Fun,

M.C. Busman

25th June 2003, 15:33
Plenty of good stuff in there from Joe Svinth and many others. This is not cheap to buy new. Think insane textbook prices from your college days.

A. M. Jauregui
25th June 2003, 21:55
I thought that it was a nice read... Not a novel like straight through read but wonderful for short sectional views.

A definite buy if the price is not at the insane college text book level.

Michael Wert
25th June 2003, 23:12
A good buy. I bought the two volume set from www.bookfinder.com
(by the way, if you're not buying books from bookfinder you might want to check them out -- I get all of the books for my grad classes from there) for about $60 and that was pretty cheap.
Prof. Bodiford's article on Religion and Spiritual Development: Japan in volume two is a must read.

Michael Wert

M.C. Busman
26th June 2003, 04:57
Hi All,

I'm cheap--I bought my set off of ebay. & yeah, I think it's terrific reading. No way of making something exhaustive w/out making it 15 volumes long. Two is enough for now.

Our little martial arts world has been expanding these past few years....it is sure nice to see academically minded folk share the knowledge. Problem is, most people who do m.a. don't care about the academic side. At least not the piddly little details some of us like to burrow down into, dig up dirt, and speculate on.

Now the challenge is simply making folks aware that there IS an academis side to m.a. Not that the "boot to the head" part isn't fun! :D

I've compared the 'Encyclopedia to other stuff out there--you know, the big, glossy "Martial Arts" books with remainder marks you can often find at the $5 book store? It is finally happening. I'm happy to trade the pretty pictures in the $5 remainders for the kind of writing in the 'Encyclopedia any day!


27th June 2003, 05:43
Prof. Bodiford's article on Religion and Spiritual Development: Japan in volume two is a must read.

I agree. This was the first I read when I picked up the book while I was in Seattle, copied it on the way to the airport and read it on the plane ride home, but I'm amazed at the prices you are finding. There was a sample of the Encyclpaedia online on North African MA by Tom Green (editor) where the book can be dowloaded as an E-book (I think it is http://www.abc-clio.com ). I haven' checked in a while, but the e-book was more than the real thing. Great Stuff, but I hadn't even considered that the price came down, even if used, until I saw this thread.

Thanks for the mention and I will be searching for a cheaper copy, cost being the number one reason I haven't bought it yet, but from what I've read, and if it means anything, I highly recommend it.


27th June 2003, 05:49
The sample is still there if anyone needs an excuse to get this book: