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18th September 2000, 20:01
Anyone familiar with Prof. Steiner and his American Combato/Jen Do Tao style of CQC? He is located in the Seattle, WA area and is a fairly widely published author on CQC including close quarter shooting. Just curious if anyone has spent time learning from him or has an opinion about anything of his they've read.


Rob Canestrari

Bob Steinkraus
19th September 2000, 17:07
Bradley Steiner also used (possibly still does) publish a monthly article on weight training in "Iron Man" magazine.

I used to read the magazine a lot, but several years ago it was sold (the old owner was Perry Reader) and it was turned into another Joe Weider clone.

I liked the old version because
a) it was aimed at the regular person who trained with weights as part of his life, not only at the professional bodybuilder, and
b) it covered other phases of the iron game, like Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and so forth, and not just competitive bodybuilding.

The reason I mention it was that the Steiner articles were often the best part of the magazine. I believe the first article published by Mr. Steiner was 'Weight Training for the Budoka'.

His Combato system is an eclectic one, and does not claim a historic lineage.

If his advice on budo is as reasonable as his advice on weight training, he makes a lot of sense.

My $.02 worth.