View Full Version : Barry White Dies

5th July 2003, 01:20

6th July 2003, 21:40
I liked his music. RIP Mr. White.

Steve Williams
6th July 2003, 21:52

The sound of a million female hearts breaking...... ;)

He had a VOICE....... :)

Like sex on a stick (I have been told) until you saw him.... not so sexy in the flesh :eek:

A shame he is gone, because he came accross as a "genuine" guy. :(

A. M. Jauregui
6th July 2003, 22:54
Aww, I will surely miss his sultry song writing ability. 58 years on Earth is far too soon...

Charlie Kondek
7th July 2003, 13:13
I'll be up in my room crying if anyone needs me.

Seriously, I am a big fan.

william northcote
7th July 2003, 13:18
Lenny Henry, comedian 1986

A singers voice so deep, only whales on the bottom of the ocean could understand him.
End of an era folks.

Mike Williams
7th July 2003, 13:51
"Barry White, saved my life
And if Barry White, saved your life
Or got you back with your ex-wife
Sing Barry White, Barry White, it's alright"

- Fun Lovin' Criminals



7th July 2003, 20:43
we will truly miss the walrus of love

Steve Delaney
8th July 2003, 07:06
May he be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows he's dead.