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6th July 2003, 23:05
One day a few years back my Dad and I had a heated debate regarding
my respect towards his particular points of veiw.
This discussion went on for a few hours,consisting of my dissbelief
in religion and the after life.. where as I told him that he
was "Stupid" for even considering such bs as actual truth.

He looked at me with a tear in his eye and asked me if I was thru.
I then said 'I guess,why"? He then put the "IRON CLAW" on me
and told me " I may not be able to make you believe that Jesus can
save you from your sins and you may not be able to understand that
God is real but you will never ever disrespect my beliefs in my
face again I am your father and I could kill you rihgt now but
won't because God is keeping me from it, Understood?"

There for a minute I believed ,but I know my Dad can kick all you
guys asses and my skull has creases on each side to prove it...

Steve Williams
6th July 2003, 23:12
Why would I ever want to kick my fathers ass......

And I could since I was about 17 (I guess, as it has never been an issue)..... as that was when I got "bigger and tougher" than him.....

6th July 2003, 23:45
My dad is a harmless, aging, drunk. I suspect if it was a real situation, he would have some fight in him, but he's mostly a bag of wind these days. Even prior to martial arts, he never posed a physical threat to me (or anyone else in the family). Example: When I was about 7, he (drunk, very very drunk) accused my brother (an ex-marine, and in the midst of a nasty come down from meth) of stealing some money. So, he gets right in my brothers face and doesn't let off, someone (unclear who) throws the first punch and down to the ground it goes, in a flurry of punches. He received another beating from my brother after getting up and uttering the words "I'm gonna go get my gun." Poor bastard didn't even have a gun. :laugh:

So, anyway, yeah...

Shitoryu Dude
7th July 2003, 01:12
When I lived back in Denver for a few years I spent some time with one of my uncles who first knew my dad as one of those "Moul boys" in the next county. They were, from his description (which was backed up by others I ran into from that local over the next few years) some of the roughest, toughest, willing to mix it up, farm boys that Nebraska produced during the depression years. Not only did one of them knock out the traveling carnival pro fighter in less than a minute, when the carnies took offense to a 16-year old laying out one of their own and stormed the ring, my old man hopped in there as well and between the two boys they managed to beat the crap out of most of the carnies while only suffering a few broken ribs.

My own recollections of my dad as a small kid is that of a hugely strong bald guy who instilled instant respect on everyone who met him. He had an intellect that was to my mind unrivaled; while stationed in Germany after WWII he was offered an officer's commission based on the fact that he had the highest tested IQ of any American currently serving in Europe. When I brought home a Rubic's Cube in high school he watched me dink with it after dinner and asked if he could see it. About 15 minutes later he handed it back to me, solved, and stated that it was "easy". Even as a child I had heard stories from various relatives about his rather mispent youth as a farm kid, and even though I never once saw him raise a hand in anger, I just KNEW that he could whip some serious ass with his fists. Not only did he know boxing, he knew more dirty fighting tricks than anyone I have ever met since. When I was getting bullied due to my slight size in grade school he preached a philosophy of ruthlessness, sneak attacks, and unfair advantages. He was the first one to tell me that only a fool fights "fair" or "by the rules".

Offhand, I'd have to say that I wasn't on a par with him physically until I was 30. He's now closing in on his 76th birthday in a couple weeks. After several bouts of cancer he is still as active and sharp as most men half his age. And while he may no longer be able to kick butt like he did in his youth, he's still a better shot than nearly anyone on the planet and quite willing to perforate anyone who messes with him.

Of course, I've always had far too much respect for my parents to insult one of them to their face.


7th July 2003, 03:55
I can kick my dad's but. However, I cannot kick my grandfather's. He still owns many WW2 firearms, I dare not.

7th July 2003, 05:55
Originally posted by adroitjimon
There for a minute I believed ,but I know my Dad can kick all you guys asses and my skull has creases on each side to prove it...

So because he gripped you up he can kick everyone's ass?

Mike Williams
7th July 2003, 09:29
It was the "Iron Claw"! If trained correctly, none can defend! ;)

Seriously, Adroitjimon (what does that mean anyway?) - if that's a true story, then your Dad has issues. I don't think bullying behaviour is ever worthy of respect.

(unless it's Aaron dealing out spankings :D )



A. M. Jauregui
7th July 2003, 10:21
My dad is like an older pal... It would never cross my mind or his to duke it out. I have heard that my grandfather who’s heyday was around the 1930s was quite a tough fellow...

Really what is the Iron Claw?

7th July 2003, 11:21
I remember when I was in my early teens, my dad used to always tease me about martial arts and he could always whoop me in our little play fights we would have. But after I hit about 17 I had no problem scaring him off. However, I would never physically harm my dad, but harassing him mentally is another story. I have always used his temper against him, so I would just push the right buttons and eventually I would always win because he would get mad and storm off.

wendy ongaro
7th July 2003, 13:23
Your post made me think of something I have always had difficulty with with my father.

If I don't respect someone as a person, I will show them what they want to see, expend the smallest amount of energy, and get on with my life. i.e. tell them what they want to hear.

If I do respect someone, I will respectfully tell them and show them who I am and what I think. Taking the time, effort, and trust to show my true self is an act of love in my mind.

But my father thinks that if you respect someone, you will let THEIR opinion dominate your opinion, even if that isn't how you really feel. That is respect in his eyes, keeping one's mouth shut and being what they think you should be even if that isn't who you are.

can you see how these two viewpoints could pose some problems? from what you have shared with us, I think this problem may be occurring in your relationship with your father as well. Until he can relax, and come to terms with the fact that you are your own person and not his clone (which may never happen), you can either continue these knockdown drag outs, or you can just !!!!!!!! him, blow him up with what he wants to hear, and get on with your life.

Finally, just because someone can kick your ass doesn't mean they can dominate you. You still have free will, and can make choices regardless of the violence against you. And that is a more powerful revelation than the pain of your father's iron claw.

7th July 2003, 13:29
My dad's got a big bald head and i polish it regularly.

Ok here's an off shoot.

Can you kick your Mum's ass? I wouldn't dare touch my mum and she pokes me with the long nails...it hurts SOooo bad.


7th July 2003, 16:14
My dad's a bit of a softie most times. Very quiet, but my mum....

She's an exponent of canejutsu and woodenspoonjutsu!

She stopped wacking me and my brother when her favorite woodenspoon broke after hitting one of us. Her solution, called for my little sis to get a larger one from the kitchen!