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7th July 2003, 06:40
A young couple lived next door to a family whose children owned a pet rabbit. This couple had only recently moved into this neighborhood when one day, their dog came bouncing into the house with the rabbit, now dead, in his mouth. The next-door neighbors were out on a weekend trip, and they couldnt tell the family that their dog had killed the rabbit. So the husband decided that to just clean up the dead rabbit and put it back in its cage, so the neighbors would think the rabbit had died a natural death. There was no blood on the rabbit, only dirt, and the couple assumed their dog had broken the rabbits neck. So they proceeded to wash the rabbit, and even dried it with a hair dryer, and placed it back in its cage in their neighbors backyard.

The next day, the neighbors returned from their trip, and when the husband saw the childrens father, he tried to act normal and asked how the trip was. His neighbor answered, It was great, but Ill tell you, the damndest thing happened. And the man, nervous now, asked, Oh yeah, what happened? His neighbor said, Well, the rabbit died Friday before we left, so we buried it and everything. But when we got back, there it was in its cage again, as clean as could be!