View Full Version : Password Reset Merry-Go-Round - please help!

8th July 2003, 14:45
Honourable Master of the Forums

Please take pity on me Oh Great One, for I am a miserable wretch and cannot seem to fathom the cause of my dilemma.

I can't get a password reset and keep going around in a circle!

I have created a new ID but cannot access any PMs that might come to my old one.

Old ID = Tripitaka of AA
New ID = Tripitaka_of_AA

Any ideas?

John Lindsey
8th July 2003, 15:37

First question, why did you need a new account? Lost password? I can get that for you if needed. Even if your new account looks like your old one, you still can't access PMs from your old account. You cannot have two accounts accessing the same PM.

Lets try to get your old account active again. Tell me what you need...

9th July 2003, 03:07
Hi John

Yep, I did not make my post very clear, did I.

I made the new account so that I could post something, anything! I was getting so frustrated with the problem I have getting the password reset.

The problem went like this;
Tried to view a forum. Message said I was not allowed to see it, it showed me as not logged in. I tried to log-in but it said invalid password. So I followed the link that said password reset. I received an Email that confirmed my request had been recieved. It says that I should visit a certain page, and that this will send the new password to me. I never get the second Email.

I'd love to get the original ID back as it shows my post count and may have PMs that I want. If you could reset the password then send me an Email, I should be sorted.


Tripitaka of AA
9th July 2003, 09:20
Thanks John.

All is now sorted.

When I recieved the reset password post (the one that contains a link to a page which, when visited, activates another post that contains the new password), the link led back to an error page that told me I wasn't logged in or wasn't authorised to see the page I was asking for.

I tried again this morning and it worked OK.

If you did something, thanks. If you didn't then thank Buddha!

Either way, I'm happy.